Intersol Limited is responsible for an output of over 1.4 million units annually, with a product range encompassing cosmetics, fragrances and other personal care products. During the thirty-five years since its inception, Intersol has developed beyond a licensee manufacturer for international personal care and fragrance companies including:- Alberto Culver USA Inc., Beirsdorf AG BDF, Boyle Midway Inc., Farberge USA Inc., Helena Rubinstein, Mimusa C.A., Norcliff Thayer International Inc. Parfum L.T. Piver, PLC Esteral Cote D’Azur, Revlon Realistic Professional Products Inc., Shulton Inc., and SélectiveBeautéInternational.

Today Intersol manufactures and distributes its own in-house brands of cosmetics and personal care products, the most successful of which is Diquez Petroleum Jelly. Other popular products have also emerged from Intersol over the years, such as Day N Nite Deodorants, Diquez Formula II Hair Conditioner, Diquez Baby Jelly Products and Diquez Bergamot. The array of products manufactured by Intersol has earned an impeccable reputation across the Caribbean, and it is with this strong base that the Company now launches into the global market place.